Our roots are in the feminist rape crisis movement that emerged in 2008 in response to violence against women and girls.

A purple lotus flower with Bristol Rape Crisis written underneath

Our roots are as a feminist, women-led organisation that started in 2008 as Bristol Rape Crisis.

We started with 2 women, one phone, and a handful of amazing volunteers.  From there on we worked tirelessly to continue to grow and develop to support as many people affected by sexual violence as possible.

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We grew to cover the whole of Avon and Somerset

In 2013 we received funding to offer support to people across Bath and North East Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset, Somerset, or South Gloucestershire. The staff team grew and we started providing much needed counselling services.

Going from strength to strength

We now have nearly 50 members of staff and 30 volunteers. We run new, innovative support services, and national projects, alongside our original helpline that has provided a lifeline for victim-survivors since 2008. We became proudly trans-inclusive and continue to work on our equality, diversity, and inclusion to ensure that no one is left behind.

The latest from our news and blogs


Spotlight behind Hollyoaks sibling sexual abuse (SSA) storyline

For this blog, we’re joined by Tanith McCulloch, SARSAS Sibling Sexual Abuse Project Officer, as we go behind the scenes (and the screens!) to talk about our decision to work with Hollyoaks to help bring the message of sibling sexual abuse to a brand new audience.

A mother and daughter are sitting on a blue sofa in a living room. The girl is looking at a laptop on her knee and the mother is looking at the camera.

Campaign to include protections for women & girls in the Online Safety Act 2023 (Part 1)

Online violence against women and girls is a striking issue in the UK, with many people largely unaware of the abuse perpetrated online.

Somatic therapy

Somatic Therapy: connecting body and mind

Healing from any kind of trauma can be a challenging process. However, there are many techniques that people might find beneficial to explore as part of their healing journey.