Listening, believing and supporting

Support for people affected by rape or any kind of sexual assault or abuse at any time in their lives.

Last year, we supported 747 people in-person and provided 968 hours of support through our helpline services.

Stand alongside us in making change for people affected by sexual violence and working to end gender-based violence.

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You deserve support

Our experienced trainers combine teaching skills with trauma knowledge.

We can provide in-house training, online training, coaching and policy support on sexual harassment in the workplace, consent, bystander intervention, responding to disclosures and trauma and healthy relationships.

Our courses are tailored to your organisational needs:

  • Workplace
  • Education settings
  • Healthcare settings
  • Charities
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What else do we do?

We’re proud to lead on some ground-breaking projects that shine a light on some of the lesser-known areas of sexual violence.

We have created resources and support that are free and available for anyone to access.


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Trauma and self-care: online course

We have created this free online course that can be accessed by anyone who wants to find more information on trauma and self-care.

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Upfront Survivors

A partnership project supporting the child sexual abuse survivor community to lead cultural change through creating visible survivor-led community spaces.

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Sibling sexual abuse project

Sibling sexual abuse is considered to be one of the most common forms of child sexual abuse within the family setting in the UK.

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The latest from our news and blogs

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Trans, Non-Binary, and Intersex (TNBI) Support Group

Coming together in a confidential space to support each other and identify ways to move forward after rape & sexual abuse.

sleep blog

Sleep and trauma

Sleep is crucial for everyone. However, for victim-survivors of sexual violence, it can play a vital role in allowing the brain and body to start healing, processing emotions, and restoring energy levels, which are often depleted after experiencing trauma.


Celebrating Pride: Standing with LGBTQIA+ Victim-Survivors

At SARSAS, we are committed to supporting LGBTQIA+ people throughout the year.