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Survivor voice: Trauma, Therapy & The Truman Show

It’s a bit of an odd title for a blog. The first two Ts go hand in hand, but what about the third? One member of the SARSAS team discusses how this ‘90s cult classic became an unlikely source of inspiration in her healing ‘journey’.


16 Days of Activism: Q&A with The Flying Child

For #16DaysOfActivism we asked Sophie Olson, founder of The Flying Child, three questions about the importance of activism.

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16 Days of Activism: Listen, younger me

An incredible survivor and creative activist wrote these words to her younger self about the strength of the growing community of victim-survivor activists.

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What is the Window of Tolerance?

Have you heard of the Window of Tolerance?

We talk about the window of tolerance a lot in our support and group work and many victim-survivors find it helpful as a way of understanding some of their responses to trauma.

A label badge has written on it "Hello I am a survivor" Survivor has ben crossed out. Victim has been written and crossed out. The the word "Me!" has been written.

Exploring Trauma Labels

Personally, I have never felt comfortable with the labels Victim, Survivor or Victim-Survivor being applied to me despite having lived experience of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) alongside other adverse childhood experiences.

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My faith, my healing journey, and starting those conversations with your therapist

If faith is an important part of your life you may be wondering how this can be brought into your counselling sessions. One of our counsellors explores this topic and talks about her experiences both as a counsellor and a counselling client.

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Self-care – a journey

Please be aware that what I share below are my thoughts, feelings and beliefs. I will try to be as honest as I can.


The puppet princess – a poem

This incredible poem is written by a victim-survivor who uses poetry to express her feelings through storytelling and fairy tales.

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Trauma Bonding

Trauma bonding is a common psychological response to cycles of abuse.

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Why we keep telling women to “stay safe” on nights out and why it is such a problem

Our comms volunteer shares her thoughts on sexual violence at university and on nights out and discusses what needs to change.