We work with professionals to provide the best trauma-informed practice for people affected by sexual violence.

If you are supporting or working with someone who has experienced rape, sexual abuse or sexual assault, you can refer them to our service, if they would like you to. We only accept professional referrals where the person being referred has consented to being referred to our service.

We can also support you through training, coaching, and providing tools and resources.

Support services in the South West

The Survivor Pathway is an online resource for anyone wanting to know more about specialist sexual violence support services in the South West.

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Self-help guides

Our simple self help guides will walk you through your options and help you determine your next steps. These are in multiple languages and there is also and easy read version.

You deserve support

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Jargon-busting July at SARSAS!

When trying to get support we can often be faced with lots of jargon that doesn’t mean much to most people. We hear about ‘trauma-informed’ or ‘person-centred’ support and we can...
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Reclaiming our workplaces – what can we do about sexual harassment at work?

What is sexual harassment?  The legal definition of sexual harassment is: unwanted conduct of a sexual nature which has the purpose or effect of violating...
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Pride, sexual violence and the LGBTQ community

TW: Sexual Violence Happy Pride Month to all SARSAS clients and supporters! As well as an important celebration of all LGBTQ+ people, Pride is also...