SARSAS self-help guides

We have a range of self-help guides for victim-survivors and friends and families. Our self-help guide for victim survivors is available in different languages and easy-read.

Self-help guide for victim-survivors

Our self-help guide can help with understanding and processing your thoughts, feelings and emotions around rape and sexual abuse.

Download SARSAS self-help guide

Download SARSAS self-help guide – easy-read

Download SARSAS self-help guide – Arabic

Download SARSAS self-help guide – Chinese

Download SARSAS self-help guide – Polish

Download SARSAS self-help guide – Somali

Download SARSAS self-help guide – Ukrainian

Self-help guide for friends and families

This guide is for anyone supporting a friend or family member who is aged 13+ who has been affected by rape or sexual abuse at any time in their life and provides information on the impact of sexual violence, how to support someone and look after yourself.

Download SARSAS self-help guide for supporting the person you care about

Self-help guide for men and boys

A guide for men and boys who have been affected by sexual violence at any time in their life that provides information on thoughts, feelings and emotions and tools for coping.

Download SARSAS self-help guide for men and boys

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