Counsellors and Support Professionals

Staff having the right training and support, this can make all the difference when it comes to supporting people who have experienced sexual trauma.

We work in partnership with support services across the South West to support them to help their clients and service users who have experienced sexual harassment, abuse and violence.

Our experienced trainers are all DBS checked and have up to date safeguarding training. We can field questions with confidence from our support work experience and have up to date knowledge.

Services we can provide:

  • Sexual harassment in the workplace guidance and training
  • Staff talks
  • Responding to disclosure training for staff
  • 121 coaching for staff
  • Policy writing and review

New training on offer: Intimacy After Assault Training

This 2-hour online training has been developed for Counsellors, Therapists, Sexual Violence Advocates and Support Workers who want to improve their practice and their competency in working with clients facing struggles with intimacy after sexual assault and abuse.

Our focus is on how we work with our clients, so they cultivate a sense of ownership, confidence. It will be focusing on how we as professionals can develop our practice to become at ease with talking about and exploring this difficult issue with clients and become more sensitive to our own avoidance and masking working with this delicate subject, and how we create room in our own practice to overcome these barriers.

We will focus on

  • Understanding our own journey to sexual expression
  • Exploring Barriers to intimacy
  • Experiential exercises for tuning into our own barriers to this work
  • Practical exercises for client work
  • Trauma informed best practice to working with the felt sense in the therapy room
  • Boundaries and self-care

We are happy to offer charity discounts on our training. Contact our training team for more information

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