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Meet our new CEO: Lorri Weaving

We're delighted to welcome Lorri Weaving as our new CEO. Lorri joined the SARSAS team three and a half years ago as Head of Services. During this time, she's been instrumental in helping to develop our service delivery teams, including our counselling, specialist support work and pathway navigation teams, as well as our helpline services.

With a background in counselling and a warm, caring, and empathetic nature, we really couldn’t be in a safer pair of hands and look forward to seeing what Lorri brings to the role and the team in the coming months.

Q: What did you do before joining the SARSAS team?

LW: I spent the first 15 years of my working life in the Civil Service. I started as an administrator straight out of uni and left as a senior manager. I loved the work but knew it was not what I wanted to do forever and so, in 2007, after a long maternity break, I took the plunge and retrained as a counsellor.

In 2012 I was able to combine both these roles when I became the manager for a counselling charity. My career drivers and passion have always focused on addressing inequality and working with trauma (specifically sexual violence) and so coming to SARSAS truly was the dream for me.

Q: What do you do in the ‘other’ parts of your life?

LW: I am the proud mum of two grown up girls. They have both recently flown the nest and have been replaced by two cats who I talk to far too much! I did a music degree in another life so playing and listening is really important to me. I also love socialising and going out with my friends.

Q: Do you have any favourite media recommendations?

LW: I am a bit of a politics nerd when it comes to reading and listening. I am a The Rest is Politics super fan and currently reading a great book called Bringing Down Goliath by Jolyon Maugham about the Good Law Project.

I have also just started listening to the brilliant Conversations We’ve Never Had which is an informative yet gentle podcast* that discusses the impact of childhood sexual abuse (CSA).

Q: What are you most looking forward to in your new role of CEO?

Working for SARSAS has been the highlight of my career to date. Everyday I have the privilege of working with such an amazing team of passionate, knowledgeable and generally awesome people. And I am really looking forward to leading that team in my new role through our next exciting phase. I am also looking forward to further developing my relationship with our brilliant external alliance partners and our commissioners.

Q: What is your vision for SARSAS?

LW: Initially, I think there is a necessary period of transition and consolidation. I am particularly excited about further developing our survivor voice and community work. And if we are going to change the future landscape and prevalence of sexual violence, it is imperative that we continue and expand our focus on prevention, education and campaigning.

Lorri’s message to victim-survivors of sexual violence…

“Whoever you are, whatever your experience, you are not alone. We will hear you, we will believe you and we will walk alongside you in your journey, whatever that looks like for you.”
Lorri Weaving, SARSAS CEO

Conversations We’ve Never Had is a ground-breaking podcast created by one of our sexual violence alliance partners, The Green House. Each episode explores a different element of the lasting impact of CSA.

**Content Warning: ** This podcast discusses themes related to childhood sexual abuse, which may be distressing or triggering for some listeners. Listener discretion is advised.

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