Consent and healthy relationship training is a key part of creating a safe and welcoming school environment. You may be building on your PSHE classes or working through the impact of a recent incident or disclosure.

We work with students aged 13+, teachers, and support staff to create a culture of consent within schools.

Our experienced trauma-informed trainers are all DBS-checked, have up-to-date safeguarding training, and know the current RSE curriculum. We can confidently answer questions using our support work experience and extensive knowledge of trauma and sexual violence expertise.

At SARSAS, we think that creating a safe culture that supports people who have experienced sexual abuse or harassment is everybody’s responsibility. But we also understand how difficult this can be. Not everyone will understand consent, and often, people aren’t sure how to support survivors best (no one wants to get it wrong!). 

      Our goal is always to call people into the conversation (we never call people out!) This is a safe space where we can explore different ideas and approaches with respect, kindness and curiosity.

      This training will give you the tools you need to feel confident to discuss consent and healthy relationships with anyone in a more meaningful and welcoming way. We’ll also deliver best practice guidance on how to intervene in situations that involve sexual abuse or harassment in a way that feels inclusive for everyone. By the end, you’ll understand the importance of boundaries when it comes to engaging in safe, consensual and pleasurable sexual activity. 

      “It was a great talk and everyone I’ve spoken to has said it’s one of the best well-beings we have had this year. She was really informative and really engaging.”

      Bristol Grammar School, Consent and Healthy Relationships Workshop

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