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What happens if I report?

Whether or not you report, it is most important that you make the decision that is best for you. We will always support and believe you, whatever decision you make.

The decision over whether or not to report can be a big one. Some people may decide that reporting to the police is really important to them. Others may not see it as a step they are ready to take now or in the future. Both of these decisions are equally valid.

If you decide to report, there is information and support out there for you.

Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA) Services can provide you with support and information on and during the reporting process. You do not need to have reported to get support from them. Find out more about your local ISVA service here.

You can find out the main steps involved in the reporting process here.

For more detailed information on the reporting and going to court,  you can read the Rights of Women, “From Report to Court: A handbook for adult survivors of sexual violence”.

It is also possible to sue someone who has abused you for criminal damages.  This would mean going through the Civil Court rather than the Crown Court.


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