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Claire 16 Days blog

16 Days of Activism: Listen, younger me

An incredible survivor and creative activist wrote these words to her younger self about the strength of the growing community of victim-survivor activists.

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16 days of inspiring activism

SARSAS CEO, Claire Bloor, reflects on the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence.

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SARSAS team 3 Peaks Challenge

“We climb for every person who has felt they can’t see a way forward or can’t find a way to push through.”

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Volunteering at SARSAS as a young person

A comms volunteer talks about their experience at SARSAS and why you should get involved too.


UpFront Survivors Pop-Up Cultural Space

Join us at the launch of the ground-breaking UpFront Survivors project in one of the first ever pop-up cultural spaces for the CSA survivor community, friends and allies from 23rd to 26th March in Bristol.

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Join us in the #16DaysChallenge!

We have had enough of women being given rape alarms and drink covers, being asked why they didn’t leave, told to walk in pairs…it doesn’t work. We can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results. The time has come for a new approach.

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16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence 2021

Learn about the Global 16 Days Campaign, which reached its 30th anniversary this year.


I strapped myself to an airborne plane for SARSAS

Have you ever wondered what it feels like for those people who attach themselves to the wing of a plane and perform acrobatics in the sky? Wonder no more! Our awesome supporter, Wayne, strapped himself to the wing of a 1940’s bi-plane to raise money for SARSAS…

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I love being a SARSAS helpline volunteer – here’s why

Words from one of our amazing volunteers on why being on the helpline is so important and rewarding.

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Claire’s amazing run

Find out about our CEO’s amazing 55km fundraising run!