Psychology of Victim Blaming Women: New messages from research (July 13 2019 – Bristol)

Jessica Eaton delivers this unique workshop based on three years of psychological research and ten years of practice, to explore the ways in which women and girls are blamed for sexual violence – and the ways they blame themselves.

This session will explore the many factors and institutions in society that encourage and reinforce victim blaming of women from the mass media to the mental health system.

We will look at the prevalence of victim blaming of women and the findings from her new study which surveyed the general population about how much they would blame women for sexual violence committed against them.

The day finishes with a discussion about the way women and professionals understand and talk about victim blaming and self-blame, and whether we understand victim blaming as much as we think we do. This session uses real extracts from interviews with women and professionals working in sexual violence to allow delegates to critically consider how we talk about the way women are blamed and blame themselves for sexual violence.

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