Grounding techniques are something people can use if they are feeling overwhelmed.

Grounding can be helpful in managing overwhelming feelings, flashbacks, or intense anxiety.  The idea behind grounding techniques is that they “ground” you in the present moment and help you to feel in control of your thoughts.

How can I use grounding?

It helps if you find grounding techniques that work for you. Once you have found something that works practice it, the more you practice it the better it will work, so try to do some every day, it will become automatic after a while.

You can also teach family and friends about grounding so they can help too.

Below are some examples of grounding techniques.

Mental grounding

  1. Have a good look around and describe your environment in detail, e.g. ‘I am on the train, I can see trees and a river….’
  2. Mental games, e.g. go through the alphabet thinking of different things such as types of dogs, cities etc.
  3. Describe an everyday activity in detail, such as how to make a specific recipe.

Physical grounding

  1. Run warm or cool water over your hands.
  2. Touch different objects, your pen, your keys etc.
  3. Dig your heels into the floor; remind yourself that you are connected to the ground.

Soothing grounding

  1. Say kind statements to yourself, e.g you will get through this etc.
  2. Think of a safe place, it could be real or imagined, for example the beach, mountains etc.
  3. Say coping statement such as I can handle this, I have done it before etc.

For more information and ideas on grounding techniques check out our Self-Help Guides.

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