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Support and information

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SARSAS self-help guides

We have a range of self-help guides for victim-survivors and friends and families. Our self-help guide for victim survivors is available in different languages and easy-read.

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Cover your tracks

Are you worried that someone might find out you have visited this site?

This page shows you how to remove evidence that you have visited our website.

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General information

Information for you if you are looking for definitions, facts, and myth busting about gender based violence.

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Friends and family resources

Information, resources, and blogs for supporting someone you care about who has been affected by rape or sexual abuse.

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Victim-survivor resources

We have lots of information about sexual violence, trauma and self-care.

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Information on rape and sexual abuse

We have lots of information on sexual violence for victim-survivors, friends and family and professionals.

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Learning disability and Autism support

We have a specialist service for women affected by rape and sexual abuse who are Autistic and/or have a learning disability, disabilities, and communication support needs.

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Refer yourself

Get in touch to find out about the support we provide.


Support services

We provide a range of different services for anyone who has been affected by rape and sexual abuse at any time in their life.

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I need help

Our helpline and live chat services provide free, anonymous and confidential support for people of all genders, age 13+ who have been affected by rape or sexual abuse at any time in their life.