16 Days of Activism: Q&A with The Flying Child

For #16DaysOfActivism we asked Sophie Olson, founder of The Flying Child, three questions about the importance of activism.

Q: What does the 16 Days of Activism mean to you?
A: It is an opportunity to connect with activists campaigning globally for positive change. Activism can feel like pushing water up a hill at times, and I welcome having the opportunity to network, work together, to see what others are doing, and to collaboratively influence change.

Q: Why is it so important that the voices of victim-survivors are at the heart of gender-based violence campaign?
A: BECAUSE we have survived gender-based violence we can identify the barriers that stand in the way of making change. Lived experience gives survivors a significant understanding of the public attitudes and societal issues that need addressing. We are the experts of our own experience.

Q: What message would you send to other victim-survivors who may be thinking about taking a step into activism around gender-based violence?
A: To just do it if it interests you. Give it a go. Activism doesn’t tend to be something we plan for, in fact many of us find we ‘fall into’ activism, and there is no ‘right’ way to do it. If you have experienced sexual violence, your voice and your unique perspective is invaluable.

The Flying Child is a survivor-led, non-profit organisation, founded by Sophie Olson – a survivor of intrafamilial Child Sexual Abuse (CSA). Their core aim is to normalise speaking about CSA, in society, in professional settings and within the survivor community itself.

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