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16 Days of Activism: Listen, younger me

An incredible survivor and creative activist wrote these words to her younger self about the strength of the growing community of victim-survivor activists.

Listen younger me,
There’s an army coming for you
An army I am part of,
An unstoppable army of survivors
With weapons of art, writing, singing and furniture renovation,
An army of people who know how to love, laugh and cry
And will know how to let you do the same,
This army/ this community knows what it is to survive-
They know how to hold the things you can’t hide anymore,
They will not eat your words-they know that all our words are precious
They will look at you with a deep, deep understanding.

And listen younger me
We will join this army both of us,
This army/this community will give you the strength to use what you know about survival, to help others-
They will give you the strength to make a change,
Listen younger me, we are coming for you
We’ve come for you,
You can come down from on top of the wardrobe
You’re safe now.

Susannah a survivor, creative activist (Creative Minds Taunton)

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