The first ever #SiblingsToo day

15 April 2023 sees the launch of the first Annual International #SiblingsToo Day, breaking the silence of sibling sexual abuse by sharing science and stories from professionals and lived experience experts.

“‘I’ve been carrying this and I’ve been living this fake life. And I’m done. I’m not going to keep that shame, and I’m not going to keep that self-doubt and not feeling like I deserve things.”
Sibling Sexual Abuse Survivor

Sibling sexual abuse (SSA) is one of the most common forms of child sexual abuse (CSA) within the family setting yet it remains a hidden, chronically under-estimated and untreated form of child sexual abuse.
Children are more likely to be sexually abused by their siblings – brothers and sisters and step-brothers and step-sisters – than by their parents.

Parents and children worldwide are living with the devastating impact of sibling sexual abuse which causes life-long mental health issues, low self-esteem and feelings of shame and guilt.

On 15th April, Nancy Morris, an SSA survivor and spokesperson, is launching the first ever #SiblingsToo day with a global event bringing professionals, academics, and lived experience experts together to talking about sibling sexual abuse, raise global awareness and help parents understand, prevent, and cope with the impact of SSA.

Nancy said:
“Sibling sexual abuse (SSA)….knows no boundaries of race, gender, socioeconomic status, culture, or country. And its impact kills – family relationships, childhood innocence, hopes for the future – and sometimes the kids themselves, from substance abuse, homelessness, and even suicide. Yet, society doesn’t want to talk about it.
But we must. And so, for the first time ever on a global scale, we are.
Parents must start learning about it and society must start talking about it. You see, the longer SSA is hidden in the shadows with secrecy and silence, the longer it will continue unabated. Parents won’t know about it, governments won’t be compelled to do anything about it, and society as a whole won’t care about it.”

At, SARSAS, we are proud to be running our own project looking at ways to support adult survivors of SSA, ‘Getting it Right’ and are thrilled to be involved with the #SiblingsToo event as presenters and panel members.

Claire Bloor, CEO SARSAS said:
“Our new project “Getting it Right” will give adult survivors a voice. We need to break down our entrenched ideas and societal attitudes that exist around sibling relationships and sibling sexual abuse. We’re delighted to see other organisations join in the conversation and create change and are thrilled to contribute to the #SiblingsToo international awareness day on April 15th 2023”

The conference is free to attend – you can show your support now by going to

Watch our video on sibling sexual abuse

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