National Sibling Sexual Abuse Conference 2022

The National Sibling Sexual Abuse Conference for frontline sectors, held in February 2022, was the first national conference on sibling sexual abuse in the U.K. It was organised by the SARSAS and the RCEW National Project on Sibling Sexual Abuse (2020-2022).

Below are the main presentation sessions from the conference.

The National Picture of Sibling Sexual Abuse by Stuart Allardyce and Anna Glinski (50 mins)

Perspectives from the voluntary sector practitioners responding to sibling harmful sexual behaviours, and specific considerations when working with Black, Asian and minority ethnic children and families by Spencer Bailey, Ray Tait and Michelle West (35 mins)

Health responses to working with children and young people who have sexually harmed siblings including consideration of the impact of pornography by Louise Barraclough and Stephen Barry (30 mins)

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