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Training services

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Universities and Colleges

Consent and healthy relationship training are a key part of creating a safe and welcoming environment in your university or college.

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Upcoming training and e-learning

We have regular in-person sessions running throughout the year at our Bristol office and e-learning courses available.

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Workplaces – sexual harassment training

Managers and colleagues are often the first people to hear when someone has experienced sexual harassment, abuse or violence. It’s important for staff to have the right training and support to be able to handle disclosures.

A support session is happening. The supporter worker is a white women with long blonde hair, a lanyard, and a clip board and pen. The person she is supporting is an older black women with short hair and a yellow dress.

Counsellors and Support Professionals

Staff having the right training and support, this can make all the difference when it comes to supporting people who have experienced sexual trauma.

A woman is talking to school children in a classroom. The children are wearing blue uniforms and smiling.

Schools and colleges

We enjoy working with students, teachers, and support staff to create a culture of consent within schools.