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Jellyfish – a safe and happy place

This beautiful piece of writing was produced by one of the participants in our Creative Minds group. The group were thinking about creating a safe and happy place.

The chill of evening clings to us as we make our way down the rock-hewn steps to our secret cove. The sound of the sea echoes around us, hushed by the tall wall of seagrasses that dip at our heels. At the bottom, a tiny beach curves in a crescent moon, fringed by gentle dunes.

My eldest stands with her arm around her sister, breathing in the cool of the evening air perfumed with salt and seaweed. She says something to her sister, then removes her jumper and gives it to her to wear. Her sister stands on tiptoe and kisses her cheek.

My son follows me to our rock, sea-worn flat by the tide. He steps carefully onto the surface and holds his hand out for me to hold. The magic of this place makes him brave.
We wait. The pale sky dims and deepens to a hazy blue. Even my son is still.
“Here they come!” My eldest calls over to us.

In the distance, a trail of electric-blue, luminescent lights glows in the deep ocean. It weaves its way through the waves, getting nearer and nearer. We step down from our lookout, as the drifts of jellyfish spill over the rocks, borne by the evening tide. We all crouch at the water’s edge and watch the graceful creatures propel themselves forward through the water – their transparent saucer-shaped bodies and long drifting tentacles floating out behind them.

My son points to the whirling mass, his eyes wide with wonder. “I can see them, blue, green…and purple.
“I think they’re dancing.” My youngest daughter’s voice is hushed and full of awe.
“They are.” I agree, sighing happily. “It’s a ballet of jellyfish.”

I rest my arm across my daughter’s shoulders and smile down at her, then out to sea. I wish we could stop time and hold this moment forever. My eldest turns to look at me, as though she’s heard what I’m thinking. She holds my hand. The soft foam from the waves washes over our toes. We all stand together in the waning light, not wanting to let go of each other.

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