Fundraising ideas

We’ve created an A-Z of fundraising inspiration to help you in your quest for that perfect event!

We are here to support you every step of the way. As soon as you have decided how you are going to raise money to help those affected by sexual violence, email us at so we can make sure you have everything you need.

• Afternoon tea party
• Abseil
• Athletics
• Art sale
• Auctions
• Babysitting
• Barn dance
• Bad Hair Day
• Bring and buy sale
• Bike Tour
• Bingo
• Carol singing
• Cake sale
• Clothes swap
• Coffee mornings
• Curry Night
• Car boot sale
• Dress down up / dress down – works well at school or work.
• Dance show – put your talents to good use and sell tickets to show them off
• Dinner & Dance
• Dog Walking
• Expert talk or seminar – works online and in person
• Easter egg hunt – and other egg themed fun, eg. egg and spoon race
• Exhibition
• Face painting
• Fancy dress competition
• Fashion Show
• Fun Runs
• Football competition
• Fete
• Guessing competitions (how many in a jar or height / weight )
• Golf
• Go Karting
• Garden party – show off your lawn and host some summer fun
• Gig – can you find a free space and ask your musical friends to play
• Hire a helper
• Healthy eating day
• Human Chain
• Handstands
• Hill walking / climbing
• Horse ride / race

• International food dinner party
• Interclub competition
• Indoor games night
• Jumble sale
• Jazz night
• Jelly eating competition
• Jigsaw puzzle competition
• Karaoke night
• Knitting challenge or sprint
• Kids in charge for the day
• Lessons in – teach a skill such as professional masseur, French, cooking, singing
• Lucky dip – works well for offices or church groups
• Lawn mowing
• Lunch
• Magic show
• Marathon
• Masked Ball
• Musical night
• Mountain climbing
• Netball tournament
• Non-uniform day
• New years party
• No day – say no to everything for one day

• Obstacle course
• Odd clothes day – let a child dress you for the day
• Open mic night
• Open garden
• Parties
• Pancake day
• Poetry night/slam
• Pub quiz
• Picnics
• Pie eating / throwing
• Quiz night
• Quilt making
• Quilt day (or duvet day – a bed-athon!)
• Races
• Raffles
• RAG events
• Running Events
• Rotary linked events
• Sports day
• Sponsored challenge
• Sky dive
• Self-care day
• Themed day/party
• Treasure hunt
• Talent competition
• Talks
• Unwanted gifts sale
• Used book sale
• Ultimate challenges
• Valentines ball
• Variety show
• Vegetable sale
• Village sale
• Walks
• Wine tasting
• WI events
• World record attempts
• Wing walking
• Xmas ball/ party
• Your own lottery
• Yoga challenge
• Yelling
• Yes day – say yes to everything for one day
• Zumba class
• Zorbing

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