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National Sibling Sexual Abuse Conference for Frontline Sectors 2022 – Post-Conference Information Pack

National Sibling Sexual Abuse Conference for Frontline Sectors 2022 – Post-Conference Information Pack


The National Sibling Sexual Abuse Conference for Frontline Sectors, held in February 2022, was the first national conference on sibling sexual abuse in the U.K. It was organised by the RCEW National Project on Sibling Sexual Abuse (2020-2022).

This web-based post-conference information pack has been designed to build on the conference sessions and increase professional confidence around and knowledge of sibling sexual abuse. It houses national best practice, guidance and advice on working with children, young people, families and adults affected by sibling sexual abuse. Reports written by RCEW National Project on Sibling Sexual Abuse and information submitted by conference attendees has also been collated and included.

This pack contains links to six sessions from the conference and three training films that are now available on YouTube; and it contains information and links on working with children harmed by sibling sexual abuse; working with children that have harmed their siblings; working with affected families: and working with adult survivors of sibling sexual abuse. There is a section on information on further training on sibling sexual abuse and Harmful Sexualised Behaviour (HSB).

(Please note the conference and the project cannot endorse the information and organisations recommended by conference attendees but considers it important to share peer recommendations and learning.)

Who should use this information pack?

This pack is designed for professionals working in the following sectors: criminal justice, education, health, local government, policing, social care, support centres for victim-survivors of sexual violence and abuse, and the third sector. Adult survivors of sibling sexual abuse and affected families will also find information and support however we have given the site a trigger warning so please ensure you have support close to hand if you feel you need it and remember you don’t have to read or watch anything unless you want to. If you need it, here is the SARSAS self-help booklet.

Conference sessions
Children harmed by SSA
Children that have harmed siblings
Working with affected families
Working with adult survivors of SSA
Further training

Learning outcomes

Watching the conference sessions and accessing information in the web-based pack will help you:

Build professional confidence in and knowledge of sibling sexual abuse, supporting appropriate and effective responses to this abuse across different sectors.

Gain professional insight into the unique complexities of sibling sexual abuse compared to other forms of child sexual abuse and child sexual exploitation.

Be able to better support children, young people and families affected by sibling sexual abuse (including children who have harmed or have been harmed) through increased professional confidence and knowledge.

Be able to better support adult victim-survivors of sibling sexual abuse through increased professional confidence and knowledge of best practice for trauma-informed support and counselling for this abuse.

Gain a wider understanding of sibling sexual abuse within a historical, cultural, societal, legal, safeguarding and clinical context.

Conference speakers, panellists and moderators

  • ‘Amy’, an adult survivor
  • Stuart Allardyce, Director of Stop It Now! Scotland / Lucy Faithfull Foundation
  • Amelia Anning, Research Associate and Associate Lecturer at the University of the West of England, Bristol
  • Simon Bailey QPM, Former Chief Constable at Norfolk Constabulary, Chair of the Police Institute for the East Region, Member of the Department for Education National Safeguarding Practice Review Panel
  • Spencer Bailey, Senior Practitioner at Barnardo’s
  • Louise Barraclough, Specialist Safeguarding Nurse for SARC, Sexual Health and Exploitation, Integrated Safeguarding Team at Northern Devon Healthcare Trust
  • Stephen Barry, Clinical Team Manager and Lead Clinician at Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust Be Safe Service
  • Carol Brooks, adult survivor of sibling sexual abuse and speaker on child sexual abuse
  • Alex Butler, STARS Therapist and Clinical Lead, Surrey
  • Dr. Andie Collins, Senior Clinical Psychologist, Harmful Sexual Behaviour Team at CAMHS, Gloucestershire Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust
  • Hannah Cooper, Purple Lead Service Manager, WMRSASC
  • Anna Glinski, Deputy Director (Knowledge and Practice Development) Centre of expertise on child sexual abuse
  • Professor Simon Hackett, Deputy Provost at Durham University and Professor of Child Abuse and Neglect in the Department of Sociology
  • ‘Jane’, a parent affected by sibling sexual abuse
  • Dr. Sophie King-Hill, Senior Fellow at University of Birmingham
  • Zak Masters, ACT Treatment and Intervention Worker at ACT, Surrey
  • Kieran McCartan, Sociology & Criminology, Leader of the Social Science Research Group at University of the West of England, Bristol
  • Christiane Sanderson, Psychologist, lecturer and trainer in psychology and counselling, (child protection, interpersonal abuse and complex trauma)
  • Fleur Strong, National Project Manager, RCEW National Project on Sibling Sexual Abuse
  • Ray Tait, Independent Social Worker
  • Suzanne Taylor, Assistant Director Impact – Child Sexual Abuse & Exploitation at Barnardo’s
  • Michelle West, Children’s Service Practitioner at NSPCC
  • Dr. Peter Yates, Lecturer in Social Work at Edinburgh Napier University