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Coping with trauma, thoughts and feelings


Self-care is about looking after yourself physically, emotionally and mentally. As all of these things can be negatively affected by rape or sexual violence, self-care can be particularly helpful for victim-survivors.

Pregnancy, birth and early motherhood

Pregnancy, birth and early motherhood can be difficult for victim-survivors. Find out about how and where you can get support.


Self-harm is a broad term that describes the act of hurting yourself on purpose.

What you may be feeling

Information and support for victim-survivor’s family and friends, who may experience many of the same emotions.

How you can help

The most important and simple thing you can do to help a victim-survivor is to listen and believe.

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Trauma can be the event and the way it makes us feel after the event.


Grounding is a way of helping people to feel calmer. It can help if you feel you are having a flashback, feeling like you are going to dissociate, or if you are having a panic attack.