SARSAS Complaints Procedure

SARSAS believes that if an individual has a problem with or a concern about any of its services, this is normally best dealt with informally and as quickly as possible by the individual or service involved.  However, if this does not resolve the issue to the complainant’s satisfaction, SARSAS has a formal Complaints procedure to ensure that the matter is investigated and resolved.

Making a complaint will not affect you being able to receive a service with us.

When making a formal complaint, you will be asked to provide the following information by email or letter:

  • The reason for your complaint
  • Where and when it happened
  • The name(s) of anyone involved (if known)
  • What outcome you are hoping for
  • Your contact details (name, address, daytime telephone number and/or email)

We will always try to resolve the problem as quickly as possible and we will acknowledge your complaint within 5 working days.  We will notify you of when we will next contact you either with a proposed resolution or update.  The target time for responding in full to a complaint is 20 working days, though, if the issue is complicated, any delay will be explained within this timeframe.

The outcome of any investigation will be communicated to the complainant in writing with details of any action taken and a time-scale for implementation (if applicable and appropriate). Only appropriate members of staff and the Board of Trustees will also receive a copy of the report.

If the complaint relates to the CEO, or if you are not happy with the resolution of your complaint, you can bring this to the attention of the Chair of the Board of Trustees. Please set out clearly in writing the details of the complaint, and (where relevant) explain why you were not satisfied with our response and what you would like us to do to put things right:

The Chair of the Board of Trustees

PO BOX 2942
Bristol, BS1 9EU

The Chair will acknowledge receipt of the complaint in writing within 10 working days.  The Chair will investigate the issues and respond to the complainant within a further 20 working days of acknowledging receipt of the complaint.

Alternatively if you do not feel completely satisfied by our response and believe the issue is serious then you can contact The Charity Commission at the address below.  Further information can be found at

The Charity Commission
PO Box 1227
Liverpool, L69 3UG

If you are unable to resolve the issue informally and wish to make a formal complaint you can contact SARSAS by phone, letter or email and request a complaints form:

PO BOX 2942
Bristol, BS1 9EU

Tel: 0117 929 9556


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