Sibling Sexual Abuse Project
Sibling Sexual Abuse Project

Working with adult survivors of sibling sexual abuse

Working with adult survivors of sibling sexual abuse

New Book – The Taboo of Sibling Sexual Abuse: Working with Adult Survivors

Christiane Sanderson, a speaker at the conference in Session 6, is writing a new book on working with adult survivors of sibling sexual abuse which will be published later this year. She has granted the conference limited time access to the draft of Chapter 6: Working with Adult Survivors of Sibling Sexual Abuse.

Power Threat Meaning and the Trauma Recovery Model

In Session 6 of the conference Christiane Sanderson discusses the ‘Power Threat Meaning Framework’.

Stories and messages written by adult survivors of sibling sexual abuse

The National Project on Sibling Sexual Abuse has been contacted by adult survivors from across the U.K.  The individual age, gender and experience was different for each survivor but what was shared was the impact of the current lack of a collective voice or organisation in the UK for adults affected by sibling sexual abuse. This situation has chronically exacerbated feelings of individual isolation, shame, confusion and stigma resulting in detrimental health and wellbeing implications.  Some of the adult survivors’ stories and messages to professionals who contacted the project can be read here. (All names and the names of others discussed have been changed to pseudonyms.)

Academic papers and research papers

We recommend the paper by John V Caffaro – Treating Adult Survivors of Sibling Sexual Abuse: A Relational Strengths-Based Approach (2017).  It is currently behind a pay wall; we are seeking access from the author. The paper can be find here:

International Websites and Podcasts

A new American website was launched in February 2022 called It has been created and maintained by a parent of sibling sexual trauma. The author is writing from experience and research, along with input from survivors and parents of SST as well as mental health professionals dealing with this work.

Podcasts on sibling sexual abuse by the Canadian based organisation #SiblingsToo can be found here

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