In the last week you will have heard us shouting about winning a GSK Impact award (wooo!!!) that comes with training, support and a donation of £30,000 of unrestricted funds.  And you may have though “Un-what funds?”

When money is donated to charities it falls under two headings: unrestricted or restricted. We must use restricted funding for something specific, agreed between us and the donor, like a new support group.

We can use unrestricted funds for any purpose, it allows us to use the money wherever the need is greatest and to react to changes in need.

“Ahhh but does that mean you could spend it on spa days and fancy shoes for your team?”

The funds can be used for any purpose so long as it meets the aims and objectives in our governing document. Any and all money we ever spend is directly linked to our mission of supporting people affected by sexual violence and working to end gender-based violence and Louboutin’s and champagne truffles for the team definitely isn’t covered by that!

Often unrestricted funds go towards the vital but less obvious costs of running an organisation like replacing the old kettle and a fresh lick of paint for a counselling room or to provide a safety net for if a service loses funding.

That’s why donations like the GSK Impact Award are crucial to our service. Another important source of unrestricted funds are the donations from our amazing supporters and fundraisers. To find out more about head over to our fundraising page.