Volunteers are at the heart of the work that we do. They provide thousands of hours of crucial and highly skilled support to survivors and our organisation every year.

There are a number of ways that you can get involved that range from offering emotional support and psychoeducation information to survivors to administration fundraising, campaigning, and being involved in decision making.

Volunteering with us provides you with the opportunity to develop your skills and experience as well as to meet new friends.

We understand that there are many different reasons why you might give your time to SARSAS and explore these with you to best support you on your volunteering journey with us.

We value our volunteers and to show our appreciation we provide you with a thorough induction, ongoing support, additional training and development opportunities, and clinical group supervision.

You don’t necessarily need to have experience of support work – or working with sexual violence and abuse to volunteer – your personal qualities, views and ability to support survivors is what is important.  Our training is comprehensive and will equip you with the knowledge to build on your skills and experience.

For more information on volunteering at SARSAS, Frequently-asked-questions-2021

Volunteer Help Line Update

Due to a wonderfully high level of applications to volunteer with SARSAS we are no longer advertising for volunteers. If you’ve already completed your application form please still send it in as planned (to volunteer@sarsas.org.uk) but we are unable to give out further blank forms.

Our volunteer training numbers are unfortunately capped due to the pandemic limitations but we will be taking on further volunteers in the Autumn to account for this so please do keep checking our website and social media pages for this opportunity.

Thank you for taking an interest in being part of our service to survivors of sexual abuse, we really hope there will be further opportunities for you to get involved in the future.


We sometimes have volunteers that offer a particular skill for a time limited project e.g. in fundraising, research or film. If you feel that you have specific skills that could support the work of SARSAS please contact us to discuss this further.

We are always looking for support with Fundraising.  For more information about fundraising volunteering opportunities please see below:

Volunteer Fundraising Ambassadors who can help to both raise vital funds and raise awareness for our cause. Our Volunteer Fundraising Ambassadors play a key role in representing SARSAS at local events and functions, speaking with passion about our work and the importance of fundraising to deliver our services.

Volunteer Fundraisers who would like to be part of a fast growing and vibrant organisation and who are passionate about raising funds for our cause. Our Volunteer Fundraisers will help plan and deliver exciting and varied fundraising events, from arts and craft sales to zip slides and anything in-between.

Training will be provided for both of the roles.

Now is an exciting time to be joining our growing organisation. If you would like to find out more about SARSAS, email fundraising@sarsas.org.uk or download a role description and application form below.

SARSAS Introductory Letter

Volunteer Fundraising Ambassador Role Description

Volunteer Fundraiser Role Description

SARSAS Volunteer Application Form

Apply to volunteer@sarsas.org.uk

Why do you volunteer at SARSAS?

“I believe all voices should be heard.”

“I volunteer as I want to help provide support for those who have been sexually abused or raped. SARSAS ensures that I am trained so that I can provide the best service possible” Esther

“Sexual violence and abuse is something that affects so many of us.  In school I was never told what was okay.  I want to let other survivors know that it’s their body and their choice.” Mary

“I’m angry and it gives me a positive way to channel that rage. When we stand together we are an awesome, monstrous regiment of women” Esther

What do you get out of volunteering with SARSAS?

“A genuine sense of making a difference. Also, the warmth, camaraderie and great support from SARSAS and the team I work with. It’s a ‘family’, all signed up to the same, shared values, everyone there for each other.

Oh, and great socials!!” Alison

“We have such a wonderful group of women on the shift.  We support each other during the calls and love what we do.  We share our highs and lows.  I always leave on a high.” Jen

“A friend of mine said to me “Don’t you want to give yourself a pat on the back for the good stuff you do?” But it’s not about that. It’s about knowing that the service user has felt able to make a connection with the person at the other end of the phone and that that could be integral to their recovery and sense of being in the world.” Lyn

“Being with amazing women who are passionate about what they do. Being there for survivors, speaking to people in different stages of trauma.” Mary

“I am welcomed onto every shift by a ‘check in’ with the shift supervisor and other volunteers. How are we?, what’s going on for us today? This is a space to be heard and to settle. The helpline opens and I can then anticipate a variety of calls from survivors,

relatives or friends of survivors or professionals. The calls can be about signposting to other organisations, starting the process of the survivor being assessed for SARSAS services and of course a place where survivors and relatives can just call to be listened to, to be believed and supported in how they are feeling in that moment.

We are continually reminded to take breaks and look after ourselves, to observe our own responses to the impact of sometimes horrific stories. We end a shift with a check out, a place to share experiences and name what may be difficult for us.

To do a role like this you have to feel there is someone to listen to you and your variety of emotional responses. To be a volunteer at SARSAS to me means support. I can do the role because I am held. So part of my ‘day in the life of a SARSAS Volunteer’is to experience support so then I can effectively support others.”Fleur

A huge THANK YOU to all of our amazing volunteers!

Want to talk?

Our two helplines have been combined. Anyone can call either line at anytime.


0808 801 0456

0808 801 0464

Mon and Fri: 11am – 2pm,
Tue, Wed and Thu: 6pm – 8pm

Live Chat

Tue and Thu: 12noon – 2pm

What to expect when you call

These lines are open to all.  Girls, boys, women and men can call either of our two helplines. Trans and non-binary callers  are welcome.

Want to talk?

From Monday 23 March our two helplines will be combined. Anyone can call either line at anytime.


0808 801 0456

0808 801 0464

Mon and Fri: 11am – 2pm,
Tue, Wed and Thu: 6pm – 8pm

Live Chat

Tue and Thu: 12noon – 2pm

What to expect when you call

These lines are open to all. Girls, boys, women and men can call either of our two helplines. Trans and non-binary callers  are welcome.

Listening, believing & supporting