The Truth Project: Sharing your experience

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) was set up to look at the ways organisations in England and Wales may have failed to protect children from sexual abuse.

The Inquiry has set up a Truth Project to listen to people who were sexually abused as children.  They want to understand what happened in the past and find ways to protect children better in the future.


You can share your experiences with The Truth Project if;

  • You were sexually abused as a child and told someone in authority (like a police officer, a social worker or a teacher) and it was ignored, not followed up or not investigated properly.


  • You were sexually abused as a child in an institution. An institution is something like a; care home, school, hospital, church or any other religious, voluntary or state organisation.  This includes if you first came into contact with the person who abused you in an institution.


You can share your experiences anonymously and you will not be asked to ‘prove’ anything.

The Truth Project will pass on all information about child abuse to the police but they will anonymise the information.

That means they will not give your name or contact details to the police without your consent.  The exception to this is if The Truth Project thinks there is a child at risk of abuse.

You can choose to share your experience by; meeting with someone in person, contributing in writing, or recording with just your voice or a video.

If you meet with someone in person:

  • You will be listened to and won’t be judged.
  • You can share as much or as little as you want.
  • Support will be there if you want it and you can bring someone to support you.
  • Your experience will be audio recorded and a summary will be written. You will have a chance to check the summary.
  • Everything you tell The Truth Project and everything included in the written summary will be stored and held securely.
  • Someone from The Truth Project will call you about a week after you have attended a private session to see how you are. If you would like more support they will refer you to support services in your local area.

What happens next?

The Truth Project reports back to the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.  All of the evidence collected will inform the Inquiry’s final reports and recommendations. Your name will not be published unless you ask them to.


How to Contact The Truth Project



Telephone: 0800 917 1000

If you give your contact details, The Truth Project will contact you to arrange the best way for you to share your experience.


Support from SARSAS

If you would like to talk through whether using The Truth Project is right for you, you can do that with us.

You can talk about it with your worker or you can use our email support or helpline to talk about the Truth Project.

Helpline & Email Support

0800 801 0456 or

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 6pm – 8.30pm and

Monday &Friday 11am – 2pm



There is also an online survey to hear from Survivor’s supporters: