The solidarity we show in standing against the racism today that Marvin Rees and Asher Craig face will give hope to those who are facing racism across society. We see you and we stand with you.

For too long we have watched people from all walks of public life receive racist abuse, whether it be Premier League football players having monkey chants taunt them before they take a freekick, or having bananas thrown at them as they leave the pitch. We have watched actors, singers, presenters and politicians who have been singled out for racist abuse both online and in person. These attacks have a deep impact not only on those they are directed at but all those who watch and hear the vile abuse, especially children.

Racism is an inhumane and cruel form of abuse that for too long people of colour have had to endure quietly and on their own.

This statement of support is a message that we the undersigned will not stay quiet whilst those around us are singled out for racist abuse in 2021.

We speak to give comfort to those who feel alone in the struggle against racism, as a city we will stand up to racism in all its forms and speaking out publicly when we see racism take place does two things, it tells the perpetrators that their actions are grotesque and it tells those that are abused they are not alone.