What are we doing?

We are chalking messages of support to survivors of rape and sexual abuse across our area during the International 16 Days of Action Against Gender-Based Violence (25 November – 10 December).

With an average of 61 women raped or sexually assaulted across Avon and Somerset each week this campaign will show much needed solidarity to survivors.

We know that harmful rape myths are still out there impacting on survivors and creating an environment where people are not believed.

We want people who have experienced rape and sexual abuse to know we stand with them.


Join us in sending out messages of support by:

  1. Writing a chalk message of support in a public space.
  2. Taking a picture.
  3. Posting to social media with the #SARSASChalkChallenge hashtag.


If you want to join the SARSAS team we will be chalking on Sunday 25th November:

In Bristol from 11am-1pm starting by the fountains an Anchor road and

In Taunton from 11am-1pm starting at Vivary Park


We will have plenty of spare chalks!


Why chalk?

It’s simple.  Anyone can do it – anytime, anywhere!

It’s unexpected.  Seeing chalk messages in public spaces is unexpected and seeing a positive message of support could change someone’s day!

It’s personal.  Every message is a real-world effort by someone who wants to support  people effected by rape or sexual abuse.


?Is chalking legal?

Chalking on public property is legal and we have let the Avon and Somerset Police know about this campaign.

Avoid leaving messages directly in front of shops and to use common sense in order to get people thinking without upsetting people and definitely no profanities or hate speech!

If you are concerned it can be a good idea to take some water and a cloth so that the chalking can be removed if necessary.

Ideas of what to chalk:

We believe survivors! #SARSASchalkchallenge

You deserve to be safe, to have justice, to be supported! #SARSASchalkchallenge

I stand with survivors #SARSASchalkchallenge

It’s not your fault it happened #SARSASchalkchallenge

Survivors deserve justice! #SARSASchalkchallenge

It’s ok to not be ok #SARSASchalkchallenge