Channeling creativity can be very therapeutic for many of the people we work with. Here, a brave survivor shares her experience with a message of hope and recovery in the form of a beautiful poem.

Ignore the lies he tells you
They are not the truth
Don’t blame yourself, this is all on him
He had a choice
You did not

Don’t fret because you did not fight
A full grown man
A teenage girl
That battle is not fair

He’s a monster
A coward
Probably as insecure as you
He just does this to feel powerful

You are worth loving
You are worth something
And you will grow to be whoever you want

You will become someone amazing
And he will shrink to nothing
You don’t deserve the fear and tournament he causes you

Believe me
Not him
I am you
I know what you deserve
The things he tells you are lies
And even he knows it

Deep down there is a strong women
Fighting to get through
I am her

There will be a time in your life
In the not too distant future
When you start to believe in yourself
And your confidence will grow

You will smile at compliments you’re given
And more importantly, believe them
You will meet the man of your dreams
And he’ll treat you like the princess you are
You will be everything you want to be
And that he convinced you you could never achieve

If you struggle to believe me
Remember this
I am that future self
And I’m living our dream