We are proud to post this moving poem written by one of our amazing service users.

Inside the Darkness
I was born a normal child,
full of fun and a little bit wild
Things were ok until the age I was nine,
when my body and mind were no longer mine
Trapped in a world of silence and shame
Will anything in life be normal again?
Many years later, I'm grown and I'm here
Still have the feeling they know and they leer
A life not knowing my mind or where I can turn
I remember the shame and the hurt starts to burn

When this nightmare started, I lost my self-worth
Until I find my way out, best give me a wide berth
Depends who you are, I can feel scared, sad or I'll be nice
But I know each bit of healing, comes at a price

If I want my life back, I must try and stand strong
First step is learning it wasn't me in the wrong
Second is believe in life, I will find a place I belong
To take little steps, don't try to run and don't dwell for too long

I hope and pray I will get there one day, 
I hope with pride, I will shout "I survived" and stay strong, come what may.