We are launching of a new evening Live Chat session!

Live Chat is a free, confidential space for you to get emotional support and information. It is a safe space where you can talk about what has happened, feel heard, and receive support from a trained female volunteer.

At SARSAS, we understand that not everyone is able or wants to talk on the phone. We always want to offer people a range of options for the way that they contact us which is why we launched our Live Chat service.

Live Chat is easily accessed via our website. During the times that Live Chat is running, a box will simply pop up on our home page and you can chat to one of our trained volunteer support workers for up to 30 minutes. You can talk to them about whatever you need to talk about that day, get emotional support or information on other services.

From Wednesday 29 September, we will be running an extra Live Chat session in the evening, every Wednesday from 6pm – 8pm for people who are unable to access this service during the day.

“The Covid pandemic has served as a reminder that victim-survivors may not always have a space where they can talk freely to our Helpline or Support Team, even when in their own homes. They may have children in the house, live with family members who do not know what they’ve been through, or may live with their abuser. Some people may not be ready or able to say the words out loud. That is why we are so pleased to be able to offer an extra shift to our Live Chat instant messaging service for people who need support after 6pm” Claire Bloor, SARSAS CEO

At SARSAS, we believe that all victim-survivors of sexual violence should feel heard. If you find it hard to say the words out loud, can’t use a phone or simply want more information, we encourage you to try our Live Chat. We will be here to listen, believe and support you”.

The Live Chat service runs Tuesdays and Thursdays 12pm-2pm and Wednesdays 6pm-8pm. All of our Helpline services are open to anyone aged 13 or over who has been affected by sexual violence at some time during their lives.

You can find Live Chat on the home page of our website www.sarsas.org.uk