It is National Volunteer week and for us at SARSAS that is a chance to pay tribute to the incredible women that volunteer across the organisation.

SARSAS began as a volunteer led organisation and despite our growth in recent years, we couldn’t do what we do without our amazing team of volunteers.

Thank you to our Counselling and Helpline volunteers who bring empathy and understanding, providing a lifeline for callers each day and who have been so incredibly flexible as they moved to remote working in the face of COVID-19. In the last year you have donated over 3000 hours of support to survivors of rape and sexual abuse across the region!

Thank you to our volunteers in Admin, Fundraising and on the Board of Trustees that bring their passion and insight to their roles with us, supporting us to function and raising much needed funds for SARSAS.

We are sending you all a huge virtual hug and thank you for all that you do for us.

Claire, CEO

“to be met with real empathy and compassion is an antidote to shame and helped me take an empowering step today” – Helpline caller 2020