Today we are launching our campaign “It’s never too late to talk”.

We want survivors of rape and sexual abuse to seek support regardless of how long ago it happened.

“We have launched this campaign because too many women and girls never tell anyone about the abuse they suffer, and many feel that, if their experience happened a long time ago, it’s too late to seek support.

“We are glad to have been able to help more women and girls since high profile cases have been highlighted, but we can do more.

“We understand the long-lasting impacts of sexual violence and how incredibly difficult it can be to talk about it or seek support.

“Nobody should suffer in silence and we want women to know help is available.

“Whether it happened 50 years ago, 10 years ago, one year ago or yesterday we will always take it seriously, listen to you and believe you.” Rowan Miller, SARSAS Director.

Want to get involved in the “It’s never too late” campaign?

You can:

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  • Change your banner to the ‘It’s never too late’ banner.
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