Sibling Sexual Abuse Project
Sibling Sexual Abuse Project

Children and young people harmed by sibling sexual abuse

Children and young people harmed by sibling sexual abuse

A safeguarding road map in sibling sexual abuse cases

Stuart Allardyce, a speaker at the conference in Session 1, provided the conference with a PDF briefing sheet called A Safeguarding Map in Sibling Sexual Abuse Cases’.  This should be read in conjunction with Sibling Sexual Abuse: A Knowledge and Practice Overview that was written by Stuart and Dr Peter Yates and can be found below.

Organisations highlighted in the conference

Centre of expertise on child sexual abuse

The Centre of expertise on child sexual abuse (CSA Centre) website contains information on sibling sexual abuse and is a key partner in the project’s work. A key document for all practitioners and professionals learning more on sibling sexual abuse is the Centre’s report – Sibling sexual abuse: A Knowledge and Practice Overview. It can be downloaded here:

The CSA Centre has just launched a Signs and Indicators Template to help professionals gather the wider signs and indicators of sexual abuse and build a picture of their concerns. Download this for free here: 

To keep up to date with the latest resources, research and news on child sexual abuse, do sign-up to their newsletter here:  You can follow the CSA Centre on twitter at

For more information on statistics, a slide pack of infographics from the CSA Centre is available here:

Purple Leaf

Purple Leaf was a partner organisation in the RCEW National Project on Sibling Sexual Abuse in relation to working with and supporting children, young people and families affected by sibling sexual abuse.  More information can be found here:

STARS (Sexual Trauma Assessment, Recovery and Support), Surrey

STARS is a service for children, young people and their families who have been affected by sexual abuse. The STARS team provide training in working with children and young people who have experienced sexual trauma as part of the Surrey Safeguarding Board.

Thriving Survivors

Support for those who have lived experience of trauma –

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Restorative justice

A conference attendee, Yvette O’Donnell asked if individuals interested in discussing and/or exploring how restorative justice may be one of the options in addressing the harm caused in situations of sibling sexual abuse (either you know services who do or are interested in this being developed) to contact her. Her email is 

It was highlighted at the conference by an attendee that AIM does a restorative justice-oriented training. Information can be found here –

Research contacts

Amy Adams – A PhD student is looking to talk to any survivors or parents affected by sibling sexual abuse.  Her email is:

Amelia Anning – Is looking to speak with parents of school age children, victim/survivors of SSA and professionals/practitioners who may be likely to come across SSA in their professional lives. She plans to create a workshop for children to aim for prevention/early intervention of SSA. If anyone can help, please email her at: