Emotional and mental scarring for survivors of sexual abuse is normal and to be expected. I don’t know if others have found this, but it affected me physically too. This happened in the form of always having very irregular periods. Right through my teens and twenties, my cycle was erratic, and I always felt that there was something wrong with my workings as a female. I’d been medically checked over and been told there was nothing to worry about.
I was amazed when I fell pregnant after only a few months of trying. Although I had definite proof now that I was functioning alright as a woman, I still felt my insides were messed up. Having a baby didn’t rectify the irregular periods, which I continued to have in my 30s.
I had counselling when I was about 40 and in that first month, my periods immediately became regular, and have been ever since. I don’t think it’s a coincidence, I think counselling sorted out my emotional and physical states, and I’m now properly fixed ?J