Every day, people across the UK are sexually harassed at work.

TUC research reveals that 1 in 2 women workers, 7 in 10 LGBT workers and 7 in 10 disabled women workers have experienced sexual harassment at work, but 4 out of 5 victims don’t feel able to report the abuse to their employer.

But are organisations aware of this prevalence and are they aware of emerging trends in digital workplace sexual harassment?

 “We know workplaces and education settings are spaces where sexual harassment and abuse occurs, but our work with schools, universities, health services and employers also tells us that these can be places where people feel safe. Managers, teachers and health professionals are often the first people to hear when someone has experienced sexual harassment or abuse. If staff have the right training and support, this can make all the difference when it comes to dealing with the issue at an early stage before the abuse escalates.

For this reason, we work in partnership with schools, universities, colleges and employers across the South West to support them in tackling sexual harassment, abuse and violence” Claire Bloor CEO at SARSAS


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