We work to raise awareness of and challenge misconceptions about sexual violence and abuse. We lobby and campaign both locally and nationally to promote the needs of people who have experienced rape and sexual abuse.

SARSAS Campaigns

1 in 5

The 1 in 5 campaign aims to raise awareness of women and girls who are subjected to sexual violence and encourage others to take a stand against sexual violence.

Pause Play Stop

The Play Pause Stop campaign intends to get people talking about sexual consent and encourages agreement between partners, to reduce rape and sexual assault incidents. The campaign aims to raise awareness about active consent.

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It’s Never Too late

This was an online campaign that we launched to counterbalance negative media portrayals of people bringing historic cases forward.  We felt it was important to open a dialogue up about this because too many women and girls never tell anyone about the abuse they have experienced.

The main message of the campaign was: whether it happened 50 years ago, 10 years ago, one year ago or yesterday we will always take it seriously, listen to you and believe you.

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Get involved

If you would like to get involved with one of our campaigns get in touch

We also contribute to and support campaigns run by other organisations so if you are running a campaign you think we should know about get in touch or if you have a great campaign idea let us know by emailing

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