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What is anonymous reporting?

Anonymous reporting is the process of passing information to the police about a crime without giving them your information and without officially reporting the incident.

What happens if I report anonymously?

If you report anonymously an ‘intel report’ is passed on to the relevant police department in your area and this can be used to put a perpetrator on the police’s radar and it helps the police build a picture of what types of attacks are happening and where. If you report anonymously it does not mean that the person you have reported will be arrested unless a formal report is received and/or the person has access to children and/or vulnerable people.

Will the police contact me after I report anonymously?

No as the reports the police receive are anonymous. They may contact SARSAS is they would like more information and we can contact you. We would not share your details with the police.  If they get in touch with SARSAS it is usually within a fortnight of us sending them the anonymous report.

How will this help me?

Some people find the process of giving the perpetrator’s details to the police can make them feel safer. It can also help if you are worried that the perpetrator has access to children and/or vulnerable adults.

Will I receive support after anonymous reporting?

If you report anonymously through SARSAS or the Bridge you will be offered support.

How can I report anonymously?

You can report anonymously through the SARSAS helpline and e-support or if you attend The Bridge for support they can offer to help you with an anonymous report.

If you are worried that someone else is being hurt you can anonymously report this through Crime Stoppers

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