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We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all adults in need of care and support or adults at risk who use our services.

What is safeguarding?

Safeguarding is taking action (e.g. sharing information) to protect children and adults in need of care and support who are suffering, or are at risk of suffering harm.

Who do you safeguard?

We may safeguard you if we believe you are at risk of significant harm through abuse or neglect and you are:

  • you are under 18
  • you are an adult in care
  • you have a suicide plan

Adults with care and support needs are people aged over 18 who are in need of care and support who may be unable to take care of themselves or to protect themselves from harm or exploitation.

Care and support services may be provided for the following:

  • People with learning and physical disabilities
  • People with mental ill health
  • People with drug or alcohol dependencies
  • People with certain types of physical illness
  • People with dementia
  • People who are frail due to age or other factors
  • People who are homeless.

What happens when someone is safeguarded?

If we feel that a child or adult in care needs to be safeguarded to keep themselves or other young people and adults in care safe, and we have information about who you are, we will contact other support services in your area such as social services or your GP to work with them to make sure you area safe.

The decision to call another service is made by the Protection Officer of SARSAS; the CEO or a senior member of staff. We will always try and contact you before we make a call to another service unless it is an emergency.

Why do you safeguard people?

All agencies that work with children, young people and adults who are in care have a statutory responsibility to safeguard children and adults in care.

Safeguarding supports the human rights of people who may be unable to claim these for themselves,  helps prevent the abuse of power, and helps to protect people from abuse, harm and neglect.

If you want to know more about our safeguarding you can check out some of the SARSAS policies that cover this area:

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SARSAS Confidentiality Policy

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